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In some remote places, it can be several weeks before the people who live there receive any news about what's been going on in the world. However, if you live in a populated area or are staying at a nearby hotel, you have access to news twenty four hours a day seven days a week as it happens. This is all thanks to live news feed technology, which allows news channels to beam reports to the station from all over the world as the events unfold. Here are some fun facts about live feeds.

Live feeds are not actually live. Depending on how far away the report is coming from, there may be as much as a few seconds delay between the event and a viewer watching it in their real estate. This is because it takes time for the signals to be sent from the camera to the communications satellites, and then back down to the news station. Then it takes another small fraction of time to be sent from the station to your TV. This is why you will see news correspondents listening to their earpieces for a few seconds before answering the news anchor's questions. Want to see some online marketing ideas? Visit Luna Farms to see how they used marketing to let people know they can pick your own apples near me and see what a expert marketing agency can do for your business.

Live news feeds are also no good unless the news crew can get to where the events are happening. Sometimes they'll just happen to be right there when a war breaks out or when general contractors go on strike, but often the public will miss the opening stages of a major event because the reporters and camera crew are still racing to get in position. To fill in the gaps, sometimes news stations will buy photos and video from bystanders who were there from the beginning.

Live news feeds are the reason that 24 hour news channels exist. Without the ability to report on news as it happens, there would be no way to fill up 24 hours with news unless they were dredging the bottom of the barrel for reports on new types of furniture for example. News thrives on competition, so of course there are several networks, including CNN, CBC Newsworld, and FOX News.

Live news feeds also lead to some funny moments in journalism, such as reporters flubbing lines and being involved in accidents while covering results or storms. Live feeds also lead to long periods in which nothing new is said about an unfolding event on a 24 hour news network, because it's not possible to edit or jump ahead.

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