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Attempting to get into the housing market for the first time can be an incredibly baffling experience, even if you're not looking for a luxury home in the real estate listings. There are a lot of pieces of information that need to be gathered and a lot of questions that need to be cleared up. Most of these questions have to do with issues that most of us are not exposed to until we start thinking about buying a house for the first time; big financial issues, legal issues, and so on.

Of course, many of the concerns that first time homebuyers have revolve around the question of the right mortgage to take out. Whether you are looking for condos in Ontario or Alsakan real estate , we all have to take out a mortgage. On the surface, getting a mortgage for your house purchase does not seem like that big of a deal. After all, everyone seems able to get one.

First time homebuyers, in particular, often make the mistake of thinking that all that small to large mortgages have to offer are equal. This is far from the truth; different kinds of mortgages and lending companies will offer very different rates and payment plans. The differences may seem miniscule, but over the course of 15 or 20 years, interest rates can really start to add up.

That's why it is important for first time homebuyers to gather as much information as they can before they get out and make an offer on one of those Markham homes. In this series of articles, we are going to take a look at the process of buying a home for the first time, right from making the decision to look for a home through the contract signing process.

Over the course of the series, you can expect to find a lot of information concerning mortgages, real estate, house plans and so on. Look at it as a tutorial that can help you in the future, no matter what kind of real estate purchases you make. The same principles that get you into your first home will also apply in a few years when you are ready to purchase that perfect cottage for sale, so we can guarantee the tips in these articles will be helpful for a lifetime!

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